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Arawaza Onyx Oxygen

Arawaza Onyx Oxygen


The new Onyx Oxygen is our most technical and innovative kumite uniform ever made.

This feather-light state-of-the-art advanced uniform offers a sleek modern design that is efficient, stylish and comfortable. It is extremely light, resistant and offers the best performance during highest-level competitions and intense trainings. While offering a luxurious appearance and maximum breathability, it will not stick, shrink nor wrinkle and dries very fast.

AAIRⓇ (Arawaza Air) features innovative, high-performance fabric that was rigorously tested to effectively eliminate heat and perspiration away from the body while being comfortable yet strong and long-lasting. Combined with unprecedented comfort and notable breathability, the AAIRⓇ Tech Fabric successfully keeps moisture at bay.

5oz, 100% polyester (high tech fabric from micro fiber, extremely light)
Officially approved by the WKF (World Karate Federation)

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