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Sport Karate In Calderdale




What style of Karate will i learn at Halifax Sport karate​?
We teach Bushido Ryu Kempo do which is traditional Halifax Karate



How old do I have to be to do karate?
We take Children from as young as four years old and welcome Parents too in the Family and mixed classes if you would like to train with your Child. Remember you are never too old to try something new.



I am an Adult, can i start or come to the club to train?
​Yes we have adult places available come and try a free class and see if you like it you won't be disappointed. 


It is our policy to never ask you to sign a contract, set up a direct debit, you simply pay as you train; if you can't make training for any reason then you don't pay, after a month of training you will be required to get a licence which affiliates you to the official NGB for karate in England and Bushido Ryu Association and provide you with member to member liability. 

Karate suits (Gi)​
We recommend that when you start at the club you don’t get a Gi until four weeks have passed so that you aren’t spending money unnecessarily if you decide that karate is not for you. Tracksuit bottoms (no zips in the legs) and t-shirt are fine to begin with. Football shirts are not allowed.

If I have an illness or disability will that stop me from doing karate?​
No; if you have an illness or disability and can't do certain things (i.e. kick) then we will teach you other things that you would be able to do in our karate club we actively encourage disabled and non disabled people to join in. 

Will I get hurt?​
Karate is very physical but because of the controlled way it is practised injuries are very rare. Every black belt at Halifax sport karate is certified in first aid and our adult instructors are fully CRB/DBS cleared. After your first four weeks of training you will need your own insurance, which comes with your karate licence provided by Bushido Ryu Assciation which is affiliated to the English Karate federation and the world and european karate federation. 

How often do I have to train?​
We encourage everyone, especially high grades, to train twice a week so that you are completely ready for your gradings or tournaments.

How long does the class last?
Each session is up to one and a half hours. We ask you to get down a little early to help be ready for an on time start.

Would I be able to enter competitions?​
We have 2 tournaments a year in the association, one in June and one in October. You can enter as many categories as you want to, from kata, sparring, and team kata. we also attend many competitions on the uk karate circuit. 

How do I get my next belt?​
Coloured belt gradings are held every 4 months. To get your next belt you have to be ready for your exams picked by your instructor and be able to perform katas, techniques and know some Japanese terminology but sometimes this will take longer than 4 months to learn. Once you reach black belt you wait at least three years to obtain your 2nd Dan, in that three years you will teach students and pass on your knowledge to the coloured belts.

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