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Bushido Ryu History 


Kempo is an ancient Chinese art of self defence that can trace its origins back to India of five thousand years ago. Evidence of early form Kempo in India can be seen by extant wall paintings of that period. Buddhism and Kempo were said to be linked and used as an effective method of unifying the mind with the body. Although later development of both Buddhism and Kempo show them to be completely separate and independent. It is believed that Buddhism and Kempo were introduced to China by the Indian Monk Da Mo, also known as Bodhidarma in the early sixth century who valued meditation and Kempo equally. 


Later Chinese governments destroyed the temples and dispersed the monks fearing how significantly effective Kempo could be if it was in the wrong hands. It would seem that there was a resurgence of Kempo from the latter part of the Sung dynasty (947-1279) until the Ch’ing dynasty (1662-1912). The Ch’ing government imposed serious measures to prevent the practice of Kempo as a Martial Art in 1900. They closed down all training halls, executed teachers and ruthlessly eradicated Kempo from China.

Chinese Kempo is thought to have migrated to Japan during the Kama-kura period (1192-1333) through monks, patriots and rebels seeking refuge in Japan. They brought with them various styles of Kempo which took root and matured into the Japanese martial arts as they exist today.

Michael Davies founder of Bushido Ryu began his formal training in Martial Arts under the instruction of Roy Booth in 1972. Studying Kempo Karate Michael achieved his black belt grade in 1977.

In pursuit of knowledge Michael Davies studied other Martial Art styles which would play an integral part in the formation of Bushido Ryu. During this early period Michael was focussed on developing the knowledge of his training into a Martial Art. The fundamental principles of this Martial Art would be founded upon equality and harmony. The objectives would be for the Students to learn and develop their Martial skills within a system that would encourage and cultivate respect, dignity, honesty, commitment and loyalty.

In the years that followed Michael Davies developed the system and fused the various Martial skills together through structured interface and in 1982 formally established Bushido Ryu.  

Bushido Ryu Halifax Calderdale
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